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Trikdis Ethernet Communicator E16T

‘- Communicator E16T is intended to upgrade any intruder alarm panel with telephone line communicator (TIP RING) for event signaling via wired Internet (Ethernet).
– Customers are informed about security system events in Protegus app. They can Arm/Disarm the alarm system remotely via panel’s keyswitch zone.
– Communicator can transmit full event information to Central Monitoring Station (CMS).


  • Connection to control panels via:
    • Telephone line communicator (TIP RING)
  • Simultaneous event reporting to Protegus Mobile/Web application, allowing user to remotely control and monitor alarm system
  • Communicator transfers all messages from control panel in Contact ID codes
  • Messages in TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol are sent to CMS
  • SIA_DC09_2012 encryption protocol
  • In case of lost connection with the main channel, switches automatically to backup channel

Input and output: 

  • 2 input, selectable type: NC, NO, EOL=2.2 kΩ
  • 1 output controlled via:
    • Mobile/Web application

Butuh informasi lebih detail?

Butuh informasi lebih detail?

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